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S1083 13.6 mm Autochuck Spindle (12.8 mm Shaft/0.8 mm Button)

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S1083 autochuck push button spindle compatible with the following handpiece turbines:
Micro Motors LHS 700 Standard
NSK Pana Air Standard Canister Angular
NSK Pana Air Standard Canister Radial
NSK HealthCo Push and Swivel Angular
NSK HealthCo Push Swivel Radial Mountain Medico
NSK NL65 Mach Lite Standard Canister Phatelus II S
NSK NL65 Mach Lite Torque Canister Phatelus II T
NSK Safco Excel Pana Air, Mountain Medico, Radial
NSK Safco Excel Pana Air Canister Mountain Medico
NSK NL75/85 Mach Lite Torque Triple Port
NSK NL95 Triple Port Standard
NSK NL95 Triple Port Torque
NSK Kinetic Viper Standard Alfa Light
NSK Kinetic Viper Torque Alfa Light
NSK NL75/85 Mach Lite Standard Triple Port Kinetic Quantum

(NSK485, NSK500)

Shaft: 0.5039 " (12.8 mm)
Button: 0.0314 " (0.8 mm)
Total Length: 0.5354 " (13.6 mm)

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